About me

Merry Miller is a world renowned harpist, recording artist, Children's Author and TV host who has released nineteen albums, Co Hosted “The View,” and been featured on ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, TODAY and QVC.  Classically trained under the tutelage of Dr. Julia Herman and Susan Pejovich, Merry played her first performance as a professional at the tender age of 12.  Her unique style and passion has since amazed and thrilled audiences throughout the world with solo performances, concerts, churches, symphonies, high profile shows with some of the biggest names in music; as well as celebrities, professional athletes, world leaders and U.S. Presidents. 

She served two terms as a Governor of the Recording Academy and Grammy Awards, Texas Chapter.

She pours her heart into her playing, believing that the harp has a healing ability unlike any other instrument as she has personally overcome many obstacles through the therapy of performing. That passion is evident in her albums which include: “Dream Baby,” “Classical Baby,” “Angel Baby,” “Holiday Baby,” and “Merry Kidsmas,” for children, while her adult collection includes: ”Timeless Treasures” “Favorites From the Harp,” “Love from the Harp,” “Heavenly Hymns on the Harp,” "Tranquility," "Serenity," "Psalms on the Harp," "Weddings on the Harp," "Holidays on the Harp," "Yuletide Glow," "Reflections," and “Classics for Everyone” with legendary violinist Gary Levinson from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Merry performs on a custom built style 23 Gold Lyon and Healy concert grand harp built in 1940 which she won the audition for the right to purchase in 1988.
Contact Merry at: 917-488-5405 or Merrym@hotmail.com